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Hello people, these crates will have a chance of giving you any of the prizes below. I highlighted the best rewards to make them obvious. You can find the keys in the Server Specific -> Survival section of The BapCrates are only in survival right now, but they will be on others servers to, but I wanted to get this out for you guys asap. The crates can be found in the spawns of the servers, but again it is just in survival for now.


Permanent Particles Effects

$10 Coupon for
$20 Coupon for


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That's right folks. One of the biggest coupons we have ever done! This year has been amazing and unforgettable. We are destined for many more years of greatness here at bap, and we are celebrating with a huge coupon. Either tonight or tomoorrow, I will also be adding a cool thing to the store, so be on the lookout for that. Thanks everyone for making bap as special as it is! Happy 1st Birthday Bap!

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Hello everyone! To kick off the In-Game Anniversary Events next weekend, we will he doing a Team KitPVP Tournament. This tournament will consist of 16 teams of 3. We may increase the amount of teams if needed but for now will stick with 16. Each team will have a team leader, and a team name. All games will be the best of three, except for the 1st/2nd and 3rd place games. Those will be the best of five. It will be quite similar to the past Tournaments except players will be allowed to have a full inventory of soup. The default PVP Kit will be used for everyone.

When: Saturday, February 14th at 1pm PST / 4pm EST / 9pm GMT
Where: /server kitpvp or /kitpvp

If you have a team ready, please go to: (SIGN UP LINK)

We will be having signups via google form for organization, and so it is easier on us. In the form you will be required to fill in the Team Name...
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Time is almost upon us to celebrate the 1 year of Bapcraft. So we have a full on weekend full of fun. First off here is the events in order.

Friday (2/13): Open Mic Night on TS at 7PM EST / 12AM GMT
Saturday (2/14): Team KitPVP Event at 4PM EST / 9PM GMT
Sunday (2/15): UHC Event at approximately 6PM EST / 11PM GMT
All weekend long: Fireworks for Skyblock and lobby1. Enjoy the sparkling colors.

Open Mic Night on Teamspeak 3 will have the best singers be rewarded BapCoins. This will be decided by the staff and the users on Teamspeak. It will be a fun and entertaining night! Who knows. You may be YouTube famous as well after this event.

Team KitPvP event will be a 16 teams of 3 event. You can find all of the information regarding the Team KitPvP event here.

Team PVP Tournament Prizes

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My fellow BapCraft is time again! Skyblock 3.0 has arrived and we have quite a few new features! Wow! Two resets in one day!?! That's right! The previous Skyblock came out around September so it's been about 5 months and it seems that quite a few players are excited for the reset which is great.

- A brand new spawn built by @Etaishvetz

- A new Skyblock plugin that brings so much more including new challenges, and new commands such as /island makeleader which was a highly suggested command for those who wanted to give leadership to a different player. For challenges, there are new challenges and we will be adding more soon :) You can check out the challenges with /challenges (Which will bring up a GUI) while standing on your island. We will be adding more challenges very soon! You can check out a full list of Skyblock commands by doing /island help

- Made some adjustments to the shop to balance out...​
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Mojang doesn't seem to like servers, so they are allowing users to change their names. Most plugins use names to store info like balance, mcmmo, ect. If you change your name, you may lose some of those things until I have had a chance to see what will break and how to fix some of them. This will probably apply to many other servers aswell, so be warned if you change your name. I will make an update when we are certain nothing will be lost, but until then, change your name at your own risk.

Thanks and Much Love,
by Robot_Unic0rn at 7:37 PM
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That's right! BapCraft's KitPVP Server has officially been reset with lots of new features, and additions! The first KitPVP Server came out in March and it's been a while. It's time that KitPVP is redone! All new features will be listed below along with some in depth information for some of the new features.

We are also having a 20% off sale at if you use code "kitpvp" at checkout. The code can only be used 15 times, so first come first serve!
1v1 Arenas
Finally! You can now settle arguments and battle players 1 on 1! There are 20 arenas where you can battle players, just 1 on 1 with no interruptions. When you go to 1v1 a player, all of the gear is provided. You are equipped with a full set of iron armor, an iron sword, and 8 soups. There are three rounds to determine the winner. So, what exactly do I need to know to use the 1v1 arenas?
  • /1v1 duel <player name> - Allows you to 1v1...
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Just wanted to write a quick post telling people that skyblock is going to be reset soon. This will be a reset of island, a change of plugins, and updated features, spawn, shop, ect. If you have suggestions or questions feel free to post below. Also, PATRIOTS ARE SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS!!! WOO
EDIT: How do you guys feel about a reset? I know some people want it and some people dont, but what do you think and why?
EDIT#2: I may be able to keep the islands and reset the spawn, shops, and go to a better plugin. Maybe that would be the best of both worlds
If I were to reset, these would be some of the new features.
  1. Fun challenges to complete
  2. Minishop for players to buy items
  3. Customizable challenges
  4. Customizable biome shop
  5. Each player can place a Welcome Warp Sign on their island to enable other players to warp
  6. Island level ranking system - based on block values
  7. Custom starter island
  8. Initial chest items can...
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Hello peoples. I hope all that got in had a great time playing the first UHC event on bapcraft even if you didn't win or do well. That being said, some people did do well and this thread announces that winners of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes.
1. @GFHGhost12 + team
2. @x_Function_x + team
3. @CelticConor & @Tpeeman & @KittyOnCrak & @Person1004
All people on these teams won prizes outlined in the other UHC thread.
Send me a message and if you won saying the particle you want if you won a particle, and Ill give it to you along with the store coupon code :)
If you guys have questions, leave them below, and congrats to the winners
by Robot_Unic0rn at 9:24 PM
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All the standard features of an UltraHardcore are here: no regeneration with food, teleportation of the players (grouped by teams or in solo), etc. But wait! We have some unique features...
This will be streamed by WB a KPopp, and there are only 168 slots. Donators get to kick users to join. If you are a user, you may not get in.

1st $15 Coupon for for every team member + a free particle effect of your choice
2nd $10 Coupon for every team member
3rd Free particle effect for all members of team + In Game Money on a server of your choice


The time is divided with episodes. An episode is nothing more than a time mark.



Match info are displayed on a scoreboard, on the left of the...