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by TroyMyHardest at 3:07 PM
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We are very pleased to announce our newest members of the BapCraft staff team.
Please congratulate the new helpers!

1. DudeofWisdome234 - I'm Ryan, 15, who enjoys playing basketball and dressing up like a woman on the Las Vegas Strip.

2. Dial4YounGBu77 - I'm 25 and I like all the stereotypical Canadian things, well mostly hockey and beer.

3. Kunjachan - I'm 17 and I like all the stereotypical American things, mainly food and the beach.

4. JottyT - My names James, 14 from the UK, I play Hockey (Field Hockey) and listen to One Direction.

5. AAvenX – I’m 14 and I enjoy squashing hackers and playing kitpvp.

6. Gxxg - I'm a 17 year old bilingual internet baller who enjoys wearing sunglasses indoors, playing Baseball, and twerking online.

7. OMFG_wtf_TOAST - I'm a 25 year old entrepreneur from Barbados living in the UK, I enjoy surfing and crazy Christmas parties.

8. Drumcats – I’m 18 and I like food and cats.

by Bart at 9:00 AM
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Due to some of the recent changes by Mojang, we are unable to keep pets in their current form. The money that you have spent on your current pet will be refunded to you automatically - unless you have a skeleton or horse. If you do, we will be doing it manually so there may be a longer delay before yours are removed.

In the coming weeks Mojang will be rolling out a new End User License Agreement (EULA) which will stop servers from selling anything in the stores that are not cosmetic. This restricts us greatly on what we are able to sell and therefore leaves us with very little choice other than to remove pets from everyone for them to be sold in the store. We are not making this choice because we just want to make more money - currently cosmetic options that we have are very minimal and so allowing pets to be sold as they are will close up one of our few cosmetic outlets.

The EULA also means that we will be unable to sell the ranks as they currently are - what will most likely...
by Robot_Unic0rn at 9:56 AM
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Hello wonderful people of BapCraft! I'm here to talk about the Towny and Survival situation. I don't like typing, so sit back and watch this ~4 minute long video, it will hopefully answer your questions about the situation :D EDIT: Today is the 18th and we will be testing this weekend and it will be released the following weekend!
by Kunjachan at 4:12 PM
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Many people seem to be having a hard time connecting to the server. If you are unable to connect to Bapcraft, first trying using '' as the IP instead of ''. If that did not work, message @Bart your IP. Your IP can be found using, he will be able to assist you from there.

You can message @Bart by clicking his name and clicking start a conversation.

Hope this helps, and saves the mods the trouble of repeating themselves.
by Whiteboy7thst at 11:38 AM
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Bapcraft is celebrating Summer with a sale extravaganza, 35% off EVERYTHING at with code "SUMMER" Good Till July 1st!

Also we are still looking for Bapcraft Top 5 Plays from our many PVP gametypes we offer, if you have an epic moment please submit them here -
by TroyMyHardest at 6:28 PM
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Helper Applications!

As many of you know we recently have promoted all of our previous helpers to moderators. That means it's time to open up our helper applications again. Yay!​


Please read
How do I apply?
Please use the format below and leave a reply on this thread.

What if you previously filled out an application but it wasn't accepted?
No Worries, you may retry and create a new application.

How do I create a good application?
The people that get accepted are generally the people who put the most effort into their application. We wanna know everything about you and what sets you apart from the rest. Why should we pick you when we have hundreds of other users to pick from. The more information you give about yourself...
by Bart at 7:04 AM
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Happy birthday our lord and creator, @Whiteboy7thst
by Bart at 11:19 AM
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Intreppid Hosting

As some of you many have noticed, we have added some 'hosted by Intreppid' links around the site - they are an awesome host providing BapCraft with the powerful servers that we need in order to have the number of servers, quality of servers and amazing DDoS protection that we do.

Intreppid advertisements will be rolling out on Whiteboy's twitch - we are truly proud of being hosted with Intreppid. If any of you find yourselves needing quality hosting, do check them out.

New Games

Recently I have not been as active as I would like to be with bugfixes and features being added to our custom plugins (BR, OITC, SAS) as I have had exams. These exams will finish in the...
by Whiteboy7thst at 10:33 AM
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In honor of Bapcrafts historical Factions Reset we are doing a 50% off code "Grandfather" at good till monday.

I will be playing factions to give it a chance, I know a lot of you have been requesting that I play Bapcraft factions. The team has been paying attention to community feedback here on and we made a few updates to factions, I hope you enjoy and thank you for playing on bapcraft!
by Zoads at 1:28 AM
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Hi Everyone,

As i'm sure a few of you have noticed, the forums have become a lot more active lately, thats really great but I'd just like to point out a few things about general forum etiquette that is just some guidelines to follow before you hit that post button:

First off, post count boosting, it has started to happen quite a bit in the last week or so, and replies that are like 'yes' 'okay' and other posts are just pointless, your post count should reflect what meaningful content you have posted not just a bunch of 'yes' 'okay' posts etc

Secondly, people who double post, okay I understand that sometimes it's an accident but double posting is also another way to quickly boost your post count and well it just makes you look like a spammer.

Bumping old threads, okay this is an interesting one a few threads recently that were 2 months + old have been commented on and therefore bumped to the top, since then they have been locked this kind of bumping is kind of pointless because the...