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by ROBOT_UNIC0RN at 6:19 AM
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Hey guys,
So, I would like to talk about what my plans are here at bapcraft going forward. To start, either tonight or tomorrow, two new games will be released this in the bapgames server. The games are on a new map which our build team has created, and it looks really fun, and I'm sure whiteboy and kelly will have a blast playing on it with you guys.
The major game that was part of the reward for hitting the monthly goal last month is taking a good amount of time, and I have paid someone to help me work on it, and because the game is large, it requires a large map to play on, and I am trying to focus equally on the code and on the map. Both of them need to be done for the game to be released, so im trying to keep them on the same schedule.
For every week that the major game is not out, a new map and gamemode for bapgames minigames will be released. Also, I am opening build team applications this week, so if you are interested in applying, get your best builds together.
With snipper...
by ROBOT_UNIC0RN at 12:55 PM
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Hello guys,
I haven’t made a long post like this in a while, but it seems like it is needed. Many of the people who have been with bapcraft for a very long time, and people who are active on the forums have voiced that they are unhappy with the state of the server. Let me share as much info as I can, and I hope it will help you guys understand the situation better.

So, BapCraft 2.0 overall was a success, and I spent literally every second of my time for months working on making it the best that I could. Zoads came on the server a few days before release and saw me working on it at 5am my time for example. That combined with finals and the end of junior year was a stressful time, but it was manageable. Once summer came, instead of relaxing, I just spent more time on bapcraft, trying to get as much done as possible. In the middle of June, my brother left for Boot-Camp and I was not allowed to call, text, or see him for 8 weeks. My brother has been my best friend my whole life, and he...
by Drago Hanter at 10:31 AM
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Your one and only hint.

Remember what it was like the last time? If not here have a look and enjoy the memory.

Well this time will be very different. Much harder. Yes I Drago_Hanter have done a deed most evil. The above screenshot is the protection around the crystals. You will have to make the dragon pop them or in most of them they will have tnt triggers. Might want to get your big bows out.

I know I have mine. ^_^ [​IMG]

Ok well not really but then again its an event I am hosting around here and I know many love this type of thing. Anyways here is how it will go. Survival's end event will happen on Saturday Aug 22nd. Skyblock's end event will happen on Sunday Aug 23rd. Both will be at the time of 1pm PST 9GMT -8:00) 4pm EST (GMT -11:00) *if I got them correct* The gates to...
by ROBOT_UNIC0RN at 1:32 AM
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A little while ago I came to Chicago for my brother's graduation from navy boot camp, so I haven't been able to see all of the things that are going on with the server, but it seems like people are upset. Person quit and made a post explaining why he quit, and it seems like he was upset with the choices for helper. He claims that only snipper picked his friends and that favorites were picked. I was there during the process and we went through all the apps and picked the ones that we felt would fit in as staff, and who would help the server the most. Besides the helper thing, I honestly don't know what the issue is. I haven't had much time to talk to the players because I have been working on the new game that we are trying to release this month because we hit the goal a couple weeks ago. I am writing this at 6am on my phone in a hotel, so please ignore spelling mistakes btw. Overall, I am just trying to figure out what you guys think about things, so I can improve or fix them. My goal...
by Snipper at 3:03 PM
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Hey Everyone,

We have a cool new feature we're's a friend system! It is a great feature that allows you keep track of your friends, and chat with your friends even when they are not on the same server as you. It works on all BapCraft Servers! There will be more updates to this in the near future. Here's how it works.

/friend - Displays the help page.

/friend add <username> - Send a friend request to a player. It will pop up in-game chat and you can click either Accept or Deny.

/friend del <username> - Remove a friend from your friends list. They will no longer be able to see your status in their list, or message you cross-server.

/friend list - Displays all your friends along with their current status. Online friends will display what server they are on and the ability to join the server by clicking the [Join] text. Online friends will also be more towards the top of the list. Offline friends will display when that friend was last...
by Kunj at 10:03 AM
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KPopp v. Whiteboy - Which team will you choose?

Come join us on Sunday, August 2nd at 5pm EST (GMT -5) / 10PM BST on the Event Server (/event) - 250 Slots!

There will be prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Get ready!

The event will be streamed by both Whiteboy7thst, and KPopp!
by Drago Hanter at 5:37 AM
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Despite the fact that these numbers may have not been 100% cause the screenshot was taken a few days ago. Winner for this month is DoctorMeganSong by a huge enough gap and will get 1000 BAPcoins for the top voting player. These votes are based on this page. But this dont mean you cant vote here.

Keep up the voting and even you will get some bonus coins for voting.
by ROBOT_UNIC0RN at 7:03 PM
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EDIT: So, I talked to Kelly and Whiteboy, and I got the go ahead to add a new reward! The top donator of the month will recieve a voucher equal to 10% of the total they donated. So, for example, Omar donated 479.9 this month, and if you move the . over one spot (aka 10%), you get 47.99 or 48. So, at the end of the month, Omar will get a coupon worth almost $50 :D I hope you guys like this idea :D
by Snipper at 12:53 PM
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Currently, Mojang Login and Session services have been up and down all day because of DDoS attacks. As of right now, they are completely down, and have been for about the past hour.

This affects many Minecraft servers, big and small. There is only a few out there that you will still be able to connect to because of how their system works.

Please know that this is out of BapCraft's control - all of our services are online.

You can see the status at

This thread will be removed when everything is functional :)

Mojang session services are still down, and have been for almost the past 8 hours. There isn't an ETA of when the services will be back. You can check for updates.

Update 2
by Snipper at 5:25 PM
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Hey everyone,

This weekend, we will be doing double BapCoins, and double McMMO on our servers! This will last probably until early Monday morning or so. The double McMMO will be active on Factions, Skyblock, and Survival. Double BapCoins will be enabled on Battle Royale, One in the Chamber, Sticks & Stones, KitPVP, and the Lobby servers.

The coins are used in various ways across all of our servers. They are used in Guilds, Hub pets, Battle Royale Shop, KitPVP Shop, and the /shop feature that is implemented on Survival, and Skyblock currently. Be sure to play some of our mini games this weekend and get your votes in so that you can gain some extra coins!

You might of heard in Whiteboy7thst’s most recent video, that we are working on some new minigames. @ROBOT_UNIC0RN has been working on custom coding some amazing mini games that you will enjoy, and are really fun so look forward to that coming soon! If we hit the store goal this month, Robot will finish a huge and...