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by Kunj at 10:03 AM
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KPopp v. Whiteboy - Which team will you choose?

Come join us on Sunday, August 2nd at 5pm EST (GMT -5) / 10PM BST on the Event Server (/event) - 250 Slots!

There will be prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Get ready!

The event will be streamed by both Whiteboy7thst, and KPopp!
by Drago Hanter at 5:37 AM
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Despite the fact that these numbers may have not been 100% cause the screenshot was taken a few days ago. Winner for this month is DoctorMeganSong by a huge enough gap and will get 1000 BAPcoins for the top voting player. These votes are based on this page. But this dont mean you cant vote here.

Keep up the voting and even you will get some bonus coins for voting.
by ROBOT_UNIC0RN at 7:03 PM
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EDIT: So, I talked to Kelly and Whiteboy, and I got the go ahead to add a new reward! The top donator of the month will recieve a voucher equal to 10% of the total they donated. So, for example, Omar donated 479.9 this month, and if you move the . over one spot (aka 10%), you get 47.99 or 48. So, at the end of the month, Omar will get a coupon worth almost $50 :D I hope you guys like this idea :D
by Snipper at 12:53 PM
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Currently, Mojang Login and Session services have been up and down all day because of DDoS attacks. As of right now, they are completely down, and have been for about the past hour.

This affects many Minecraft servers, big and small. There is only a few out there that you will still be able to connect to because of how their system works.

Please know that this is out of BapCraft's control - all of our services are online.

You can see the status at

This thread will be removed when everything is functional :)

Mojang session services are still down, and have been for almost the past 8 hours. There isn't an ETA of when the services will be back. You can check for updates.

Update 2
by Snipper at 5:25 PM
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Hey everyone,

This weekend, we will be doing double BapCoins, and double McMMO on our servers! This will last probably until early Monday morning or so. The double McMMO will be active on Factions, Skyblock, and Survival. Double BapCoins will be enabled on Battle Royale, One in the Chamber, Sticks & Stones, KitPVP, and the Lobby servers.

The coins are used in various ways across all of our servers. They are used in Guilds, Hub pets, Battle Royale Shop, KitPVP Shop, and the /shop feature that is implemented on Survival, and Skyblock currently. Be sure to play some of our mini games this weekend and get your votes in so that you can gain some extra coins!

You might of heard in Whiteboy7thst’s most recent video, that we are working on some new minigames. @ROBOT_UNIC0RN has been working on custom coding some amazing mini games that you will enjoy, and are really fun so look forward to that coming soon! If we hit the store goal this month, Robot will finish a huge and...
by Kunj at 1:39 PM
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Hello everyone, this is the official thread used to apply for the Bapcraft Event Team. The team is managed by myself (Kunj) as well as Owlauss. The team helps Bapcraft by creating the in-game events hosted on the Event Server (Accessed by /Event). If you are interested in applying for the Event Team, please apply by using the following format (Note: If you fail to follow the proceeding format, your application will be immediately denied).
In-game name:


Do you have Skype/Teamspeak?:

Event(s) suggestion (Minimum of one):

Why would you like to join the team:

Tell us about yourself and your interests:

Images/Videos of previous builds *No pixel art* (Please upload to if possible):


Good luck to everybody applying. If you are accepted, you will receive a message...
by Snipper at 12:01 PM
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Happy 4th of July all!

Many players have asked us to use another payment method besides paypal, so we are now accepting credit and debit cards! On checkout, simple use the "Stripe" option. They are a well-known payment option for credit cards

You can get 25% off at when you enter coupon code "july4" at check out.

Also, we have some cool things coming up for BapCraft and have been adding new things to the servers and updating every day.

Have a nice weekend everyone!
by ROBOT_UNIC0RN at 3:18 PM
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Hello folks of the mystical land of BapCraft,

I have some great and new news for you people! Is new news redundant? Oh well.. The point of this post, as you know if you read the title, is to talk about the Monthly Store Goal that is on the website. It is a way to contribute to the community while we purchase things for ourselves. How so? Well, when anything is bought on, it contributes to the Monthly Goal. The exact amount the goal is is not disclosed, but it is a reasonable amount as seen by the fact that we are already at 9% only 2 days into the month! As a thank you to the people of BapCraft, whenever the Goal is reached, something HUGE will happen. New games like OITC and BR, huge updates and improvements to current GameModes, new BR map, 35-65%off coupons etc. are all possibilities! The revenue that we get from the store, goes back into BapCraft. That will allow us to expand servers, grow, and prosper as a community. So, when you are buying...
by ROBOT_UNIC0RN at 1:28 PM
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Hey everyone,

As you all know, we have a 100% custom prison server called PrisonZ, and as a celebration of the new game, we are running a contest.

First person to get to Free in 10th prestige will receive a $250 buycraft voucher! We have some people who have already started, and many just starting now! No one is really far, so anyone can still jump in and try to claim the $250! Mine, sell drugs, kill zombies!

People also are taking advantage of and the prison items on there in order to go through the ranks faster; use bap2 for 20% off!

Good luck to all who attempt to win, and I hope everyone has a good time playing, even if they are not going for the contest! Post suggestions and comments below!

by Snipper at 9:43 AM
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Hey everyone,

BapCraft 2.0 is now live! We have so many new features, and even new game modes! I would like to go through all the new features, so that everyone is well aware of what has happen with BapCraft 2.0. I would like to mention that all of BapCraft is version 1.8, except Factions, and Lobby1 & 2.

First, BapCoins have been reset! This is because players had a large amount since they were not used much in the past. However, you will be able to claim your donator BapCoins on the lobby servers very soon! BapCoins are going to be used for a lot more things now. In the hub, you will find that there are now pets! You can purchase these pets with BapCoins. There will be donator coupons for In Game Cash, etc in the coming days.

Updated Donator Perks
We have added many new donator perks and KPopp ranks! You can view the updated perks for all servers...