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Also, today is the last day for the free bapcrate key with a rank,
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I found the issue and it's a messed up chunk. So I have to go though an manually edit the chunks to try to fix it. It is a really hard thing to fix and most recommend making a new world, but I will be able to fix it. Download the map takes about 2 hours and uploading will take a similar amount of time. It's a shame that it happened, but sometimes random things like this happens.

It is very tedious and hard to fix the map, but I am pretty sure I can, but the downloading and uploading takes a while and I can't speed that up.

Good news:
Also, the game that I have been working on will be done this month tops. The code is almost done and then I just need to make a map, so if you want to help build the map for it, apply for build team! I will be accepting people Sunday.

Everyone with any rank, even member or twerkteam will be able to get a free bapcrate when I get survival back up and the map working.
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The economy has been reset in survival. Everyone has been given $5000 to start. Donators will get the money they paid for.
To claim your donator money, do /coupon ranknamemoney
If you purchased money in the store, it will be credited to your account.

Everything besides the economy is perfect, so it could be a lot worse.


Unfortuantly with actively developed games or servers, there are always risks of bugs popping up with new plug-ins and game modes. AAA games have bugs and exploits too. This isn't something only on Bapcraft. We do our best to test new features, but these things still do happen. We appreciate letting us know when you find a bug or exploit and do reward those who tell us. Purposely using exploits to get further in game is not tolerated and a bannable offense.

Behavior/Toxic Players

We welcome constructive criticism of Bapcraft, it helps make our server better. However, there are times when players take things beyond criticism to insult, hate, or...
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Hey guys,

Last night I added a really cool plugin that lets people select a specifc job, then get money for doing things related to the job. As you work on things in your job, you will also hain experience towards that job. As you get higher levels, you will get more benefits related to the job. As of now, there are ten jobs. They are as follows
  • Brewer
  • Builder
  • Digger
  • Enchanter
  • Farmer
  • Fisherman
  • Hunter
  • Miner
  • Weapons Smith
  • WoodCutter
The names make them pretty obvious on what they do, but I will create a detialed list of all the taks that corespond to your job. Some jobs may be stronger that others, so to help prevent everyone from doing one job, there is an algorithm that I used to slightly lower the benefits of really popular jobs, and slightly raise the benefits of un-popular jobs. There will be rank benefits incorperated into this feature, but as of now, everyone has equal access to everything. If you guys have suggestions for jobs, feel...
by ROBOT_UNIC0RN at 4:44 PM
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Hey guys,

So, the price for the 5x, 10x, and 20x key package for both survival and skyblock have been lowered. The base price is still 2.45 per key, but the bundles give more keys for less money.

5 times 2.45 is 12.25, but the 5x bundle is now only $11 --> savings of $1.25

10 times 2.45 is 24.5. but the 10x bundle is now only $20 --> savings of $4.5

20 time 2.45 is 49, but the 20x bundle is now only $35 --> savings of $14

So, that's really it, but I wanted to let you guys know that the prices have been lowered.

Also, 50% off member and twerkteam rank if anyone is interested. The code is "twerkmember".

Hope everyone is having a good day!

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Hey guys,

Our build team has a few spots open and the apps are open! Being on the build team lets you build things that will be in official bapcraft things. You will also be the first to know about future games, and you will be the first to test it. Just go to the application forums and apply! Here is a link to the application post. Good lucky everyone!
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Hey guys,
So, I would like to talk about what my plans are here at bapcraft going forward. To start, either tonight or tomorrow, two new games will be released this in the bapgames server. The games are on a new map which our build team has created, and it looks really fun, and I'm sure whiteboy and kelly will have a blast playing on it with you guys.
The major game that was part of the reward for hitting the monthly goal last month is taking a good amount of time, and I have paid someone to help me work on it, and because the game is large, it requires a large map to play on, and I am trying to focus equally on the code and on the map. Both of them need to be done for the game to be released, so im trying to keep them on the same schedule.
For every week that the major game is not out, a new map and gamemode for bapgames minigames will be released. Also, I am opening build team applications this week, so if you are interested in applying, get your best builds together.
With snipper...
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Hello guys,
I haven’t made a long post like this in a while, but it seems like it is needed. Many of the people who have been with bapcraft for a very long time, and people who are active on the forums have voiced that they are unhappy with the state of the server. Let me share as much info as I can, and I hope it will help you guys understand the situation better.

So, BapCraft 2.0 overall was a success, and I spent literally every second of my time for months working on making it the best that I could. Zoads came on the server a few days before release and saw me working on it at 5am my time for example. That combined with finals and the end of junior year was a stressful time, but it was manageable. Once summer came, instead of relaxing, I just spent more time on bapcraft, trying to get as much done as possible. In the middle of June, my brother left for Boot-Camp and I was not allowed to call, text, or see him for 8 weeks. My brother has been my best friend my whole life, and he...
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Your one and only hint.

Remember what it was like the last time? If not here have a look and enjoy the memory.

Well this time will be very different. Much harder. Yes I Drago_Hanter have done a deed most evil. The above screenshot is the protection around the crystals. You will have to make the dragon pop them or in most of them they will have tnt triggers. Might want to get your big bows out.

I know I have mine. ^_^ [​IMG]

Ok well not really but then again its an event I am hosting around here and I know many love this type of thing. Anyways here is how it will go. Survival's end event will happen on Saturday Aug 22nd. Skyblock's end event will happen on Sunday Aug 23rd. Both will be at the time of 1pm PST 9GMT -8:00) 4pm EST (GMT -11:00) *if I got them correct* The gates to...
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A little while ago I came to Chicago for my brother's graduation from navy boot camp, so I haven't been able to see all of the things that are going on with the server, but it seems like people are upset. Person quit and made a post explaining why he quit, and it seems like he was upset with the choices for helper. He claims that only snipper picked his friends and that favorites were picked. I was there during the process and we went through all the apps and picked the ones that we felt would fit in as staff, and who would help the server the most. Besides the helper thing, I honestly don't know what the issue is. I haven't had much time to talk to the players because I have been working on the new game that we are trying to release this month because we hit the goal a couple weeks ago. I am writing this at 6am on my phone in a hotel, so please ignore spelling mistakes btw. Overall, I am just trying to figure out what you guys think about things, so I can improve or fix them. My goal...