by treyzania at 11:14 AM
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You may have noticed that the server was off line for the past few days. There were some issues with our server host recently and they've resolved them but we had to fix a few things on our end before things were actually fixed. Shouldn't be any interruptions in the near future.

I'd also like to again mention that Neocore is coming along fairly well and if you're at all interested in contributing then send me a message on here or on GitHub. Same username.

Stay bapping!
by Drago Hanter at 11:02 AM
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I am former military soldier and what I did is help to secure freedom and safety in any form I can provide it in. Now doing this is just another way that I am helping to prevent problems before they happen.

Halloween is coming up. I have taken some time to compile a list of current safety guidelines to help each and every person on this site to stay safe during the chaos that is known as Halloween. Keep in mind this is just a general guideline and nothing permanently set in stone. Everything is mentioned as the stuff you may or may not know about.

Without any further delay here is the do's and dont's to Halloween trick and treating.

--Stay in a group. Don't venture off without a friend or buddy or someone trusted.
--Check in often with your parents or an adult you trust to make sure they know your safe.
--Carry a cell phone. If you don't have one then you can get a $10 tracfone which can be found at any Walmart or other store in the electronics...
by treyzania at 6:08 PM
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As you might have seen, we've been changing what happens when one votes a little bit recently. There's really only two major changes to discuss here, so let's get right to it. We think you'll really enjoy it.
  1. Survival: You now also get 1 Portal Charge for making portals with ZaniPortals. (See the forum thread for details here: )
  2. Creative: You now get access to use basic WorldEdit commands and features for 1 hour, or until you log off. Whichever comes first. NOTE: This only works inside of your own plot, and all server rules (like #1 (exploitation)) still apply.
Some people have asked which commands you get access to. See below:
- worldedit.wand
- worldedit.selection.*
- worldedit.history.*
- worldedit.clipboard.*
- worldedit.fixwater
- worldedit.fixlava
- worldedit.tree
- worldedit.region.set
- worldedit.region.move
by treyzania at 4:19 PM
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There was a network outage on OVH's side and it was severely affecting not only our server, but many others as well. It has been resolved and our servers have been opened up again.

- Treyzania
by treyzania at 9:57 AM
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We've finally fixed the voting systems! That mean you can start getting rewards on the servers for voting every day on the public server lists.

We only have one page right now, but we're in the process of starting up some more. We'll update this thread when they get set up.

You can also get a custom banner to put in your signature on other forums using this code:
by treyzania at 8:59 PM
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Developer Applications!
Do you want to get your hands dirty and help Bapcraft?
Do you just want to get some job experience?
Do you like staying up until 2 am working on stuff?
Then a developer position might be for you!

Application Thread: HERE

Since we're starting a load of new things, we're opening up applications for developers for the first time that I know of! You're going to be, at least at first, primarily writing plugins for us to use on the servers and possibly other small utilities. That means that you should have a pretty solid knowledge of Java. If you don't know Java, it's pretty similar to C#, so if you're good with Unity3D and have a lot of other experience, you're most of the way there. If you're a fast learner and already have a really solid base knowledge of programming, then your...
by Lono at 10:17 AM
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Hello Fellow bappers! We are finally ready to move forward with the new survival! For the rest of today, and tomorrow, up until we roll out the new survival (Sunday afternoon), we will be doing a Destruction Event of the old survival! TNT is available at spawn, but beware, PVP is turned on, and spawn is in ruins >:D

Don't worry, we saved the map for those of you who may want to download the world later, and it will be available to download shortly. We appreciate your feedback and patience over the past few months, and hope that this reset keeps you all delighted over the coming months. We have plenty of other big things on the way, so stay tuned and keep on bapping!

by treyzania at 7:22 PM
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Greetings Bappers!

As you may know, within a few days we will be relaunching a new, 1.9, Survival server! We are almost ready to open it up to the public and replace our current 1.8 Survival server, but we want some feedback from the community before anything is finalized.
There are two main topics of discussion here:
  1. Towny (and related GriefPrevention)
  2. Changes to /warp
Towny is a very powerful, very widely-used plugin that allows players to get together into towns and work together more easily. It includes tools (its plots system, and a few others) that would make GriefPrevention, our current claims plugin, rather obsolete.

I am also currently developing a small plugin that introduces a new Portal system, intended to replace the current Essentials warps. While using the warp command would still be possible, players...
by treyzania at 5:22 PM
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Welcome to BapCraft 2.1!
Well, not really. I have finally finished the migration of all the core services from our old servers in Lone Beach with Intreppid to our new servers in Montreal with OVH. This also includes a hardware upgrade, so we will likely have better reliability and performance in the future. No promises, though.

As for now, all the servers are unwhitelisted and you should be able to connect as soon as the DNS record for gets updated to point to the new servers. This process happens on an automated cycle so I can't do much to make it go any faster at this point. If you really want to connect now, though, you can connect to, and it should take you to the BapCraft you all know and love. Some of the minigames like OitC and SaS will take a bit longer to transfer over due to some special handling we had going on to keep the games going...
by Drago Hanter at 1:10 PM
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!!!!!!! This one is planned !!!!!!!

Downtime will be what is hoping only going to be a few hours. This is to do some moving of stuff around.

This means you will not be able to get on bapcraft for this duration. All servers will go into whitelist mode and the main connection will be down for the moving of the database and its core systems that run bapcraft in its base form. All your ranks/bans/punishments/saves/perks/and more should stay intact as this is a move to make sure all this data is kept in once piece. When you see that there is a few players on then it will most likely be senior staff/alts or already known volunteers to test stuff to make sure everything goes back up fully and clean.

During the downtime most of if not all staff will be around the Team-Speak server located at * <- server ip for ts* and you can create your channels or wait in any of our varying server channels. Additionally feel free to roam the...