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Hello peoples. I hope all that got in had a great time playing the first UHC event on bapcraft even if you didn't win or do well. That being said, some people did do well and this thread announces that winners of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes.
1. @GFHGhost12 + team
2. @x_Function_x + team
3. @CelticConor & @Tpeeman & @KittyOnCrak & @Person1004
All people on these teams won prizes outlined in the other UHC thread.
Send me a message and if you won saying the particle you want if you won a particle, and Ill give it to you along with the store coupon code :)
If you guys have questions, leave them below, and congrats to the winners
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All the standard features of an UltraHardcore are here: no regeneration with food, teleportation of the players (grouped by teams or in solo), etc. But wait! We have some unique features...
This will be streamed by WB a KPopp, and there are only 168 slots. Donators get to kick users to join. If you are a user, you may not get in.

1st $15 Coupon for for every team member + a free particle effect of your choice
2nd $10 Coupon for every team member
3rd Free particle effect for all members of team + In Game Money on a server of your choice


The time is divided with episodes. An episode is nothing more than a time mark.



Match info are displayed on a scoreboard, on the left of the...
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EDIT: might be coming to creative some time soon :p
I've seen some people who have gotten married on survival, and there are some who may also want to get married, so Survival now has Marriages.
If you guys run into any issues or have questions, post them below.

You Can:
  • Teleport to partner
  • XP Boost when near partner
  • faster health regeneration when near partner
  • Shared Home with partner
  • Private Chat with your partner
  • Marry players through a priest or yourself
  • Ability to kiss your partner
  • Gift Items to your partner
  • View all married
  • Need to accept the marriage - prevents arranged marriage lol

Rank Benefits:
  • Need to be Member and up to use any of the marriage features
  • All ranks $25 and up can self-marry. So they do not need a priest
  • All ranks $50 and up are priests. They can marry/divorce two people if the two people accept it
  • /marry - List...
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Hello all people. I hope you are having a baptacular day, and if you are not, this should make it better. For a long time, PoppTart was the only special rank in the category, and what category only has one thing in it? A new special rank is needed, so CocoaPuffs is being introduced. No, it is not named after the cereal, it is from KPopp's High School Dreams videos. The benefits are:

All servers:

-Rainbow, Smoke, Crit, Flame Particles

-Gives you CocoaPuffs Rank on all servers.

-10000 BapCoins

-Gain Double the BapCoins FOREVER


-Become a Priest

-$7,500 IGM

-1100 MCMMO

-135 EXP Levels

-7 Sethomes

-CocoaPuffs Kit

-Silktouch Book weekly with /kit CocoaSilk

-SilkSpawn Access


-$7,500 IGM

-1100 MCMMO

-135 EXP Levels
To get the rank, go here. If you have a Popptart rank already, the CocoaPuffs rank is half off! In order to get the CocoaPuffs rank,...
by Sniperkid720 at 4:06 PM
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Hello everyone!

We have switched Teamspeak hosts because there seem to have been some issues where the TS will get very laggy for no reason, and just go down for a while at a time from time to time. Please know that the current TS ( will expire late tonight so I want to inform everyone ahead of time.

Everything has been reset on the TS because it is a new host. That means all of the private channels were deleted. However, you can just contact a staff member on the teamspeak and they can make you a permanent channel.

The new TS3 IP is - will no longer work.

by Robot_Unic0rn at 9:59 AM
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Hey guys, we have picked the new helpers! :D
After a very long interview process, we have narrowed it down to eight new helpers. If you did not get picked, we are sorry, but we can only accept so many. It took a long time to whittle it down to eight, and if you really want to know why you were not picked, feel free to send me a message and we can go over it. Without further adieu, here are the helpers:

1) CelticConor @CelticConor
2) KnockErrUp @KnockErrUp
3) TrekkieEnderman @TrekkieEnderman
4) Leoknighted @leoknight
5) 10000watts @10000watts
6) Zeldafan1426
7) ChoclateThongz @Choclate_Thongz
8) TpeeMan @VintageTP

Thanks for all who applied. I am confident that the new helpers will be
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If you were banned recently for no reason. Try logging on again.

We had a glitch in our banning system where some people were banned for no reason. I fixed this as soon as I could, but some people were falsely banned. I cleared the accidental bans and you should be able to join. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Helper Applications!

It's time to open up our helper applications again. Yay!​


Please read
How do I apply?
Please use the format below and leave a reply on this thread.

What if you previously filled out an application but it wasn't accepted?
No Worries, you may retry and create a new application.

How do I create a good application?
The people that get accepted are generally the people who put the most effort into their application. We wanna know everything about you and what sets you apart from the rest. Why should we pick you when we have hundreds of other users to pick from. The more information you give about yourself the greater the chance you have. Filling out an application in under 5 minutes and submitting it is almost certain denial. Also please spend some time on the format/neatness of your...
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I would like to start out by thanking Michael (a.k.a BartBarrow) for all he has done for Bap since it's formation. He has always worked hard and taught me a ton. He was a pleasure to work with for these past twelve months and I couldn't have asked for a better co-admin/dev. I wish him all the luck in the world with his future endeavors, and I hope all of you do the same because he deserves it. You can see his thread and comment on it here.

For the foreseeable future, I will be the sole operator of Bapcraft, and I am ready to step up and fill his shoes the best I can. It will be a challenge as I get used to the new responsibilities and I hope you guys are understanding. When I get accustom to the new things I have to do, everything will be as smooth as silk. I wanted to start off by taking suggestions from the community, so I created...
by Bart at 4:15 PM
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I'd like to preface all of this by saying that BapCraft has been a truly unforgettable year of my life and I truly have loved every single second of it.

tl;dr I am resigning from BapCraft from both the developer position and from managing the servers.

I'll put what I said to the rest of the staff.

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