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by Drago Hanter at 8:41 AM
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We missed our good times on kitpvp. But then again. It did need a new twist. Time to get going again. Here is just a sample of what you will get.


Anarchy was an idea for a temp server just to test the waters. Well it was decided it will stay around. It now has a permanent home on our server. Just navigate the compass and click Anarchy
Or you can quickly go there via /anarchy and have fun. Remember the rules are basic. No hacks. Watch the language. And dont be a dick. PvP is a thing here so be careful and just remember that you could get raided at almost anytime. Barebones survival with very little rules and a lot of fun. Rules page will be updated with anarchy rules.
by Rival at 11:24 AM
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Hey all,
Recently we have been having issues with the survival server. While we were trying to combat these issues, some player data has been lost. "/echest" and "/chest" data was corrupted/lost. To make a long explanation short, we did the best we could to preserve your hard work and all of your beloved spawners. Although we unfortunately could not salvage all of your items, we do have some good news...

All of your builds survived AND to compensate for the loss of items, we have created a one-time-use Bap Crate that you can get on the store. If you have bought a rank OR have purchased any survival-based item, you will have access to a FREE "Redemption" key on the store!

1. Go to the store. .
2. Click "Server-Specific".
3. Click "Survival".
4. Scroll down to "Enderchest Keys" and click "Buy". (If you haven't bought a rank or something on survival it WON'T work.)
5. Teleport to /warp redemption
6. Right-Click the End Portal.
by ROBOT_UNIC0RN at 7:47 AM
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Hello people,

It came to my attention last night that the server was down. After restarting all of the lobbies and servers, it was still not letting people join. After some investigation, it seemed like the servers couldn't connect to the database that stores the ranks, bans, coins, etc. The database has never had an issue, but as a Christmas present from the BapGods above, there was a very large issue. After a few hours of trouble shooting, it worked. The best part of troubleshooting is when you fix like 90% of it, then do something brings it back to 0% fixed. After the stressful morning, everything is working and bapcraft is running strong.

I saw that some people were afraid that bapcraft was shutting down, and to those people, nah fam. Bapcraft will only close down when minecraft stops being played by anyone; we don't see that happening any time soon. :D

Best Regards,
Robot Unic0rn
by Drago Hanter at 8:49 AM
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It's that time of year and this time there is a random item drops that will happen on survival. This will happen with our very own Bap_Santa_Clause.

/warp BapSantaHouse will be your location and it could be inside or outside the front door.

Want to donate stuff for the random drops? Don't worry. Go inside and drop it on the Green carpet floor. Items will get filtered and Santa will collect them. Want to give Santa something? Drop it in as well. He will save it for his collection of goodies. Who knows. Your name May end up on the Nice List. ;)

The Naughty List will contain those who have been bad/banned from bapcraft and that will not get anything or if they are still on the server and they have more then 3 warnings in their /check they will receive a stack of ....
What? It's minecraft. Its a pun and a small bit of help. Santa always /check 's his list twice.

Random items **may** include crate keys or items that could be in stacks...
by ROBOT_UNIC0RN at 6:40 AM
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Happy Black Friday everyone! Hopefully everyone had a good thanksgiving!


by ROBOT_UNIC0RN at 4:32 PM
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Previous and some current staff members have exploited the trust we gave them and have banned some players and stuff. We are working on resolving the issue now. I have always been nice to all of the staff members, and it is a shame that people would attack me and the server like this. I will be fixing this tonight.

EDIT 1: The server will be down for the time being. Anyone who was banned from this will be unbanned within 24 hours as of 8PM PST. ALL rogue staff involved will be perm banned and there will be no return for them.

EDIT 2: The bans have been lifted on players who were falsely banned tonight. I am now checking all perms and stuff to make sure it doesn't happen again.

EDIT 3: The TeamSpeak server will be down for a while to update and repair from this incident. It will be back up and running soon. We will post when it comes back up to public use. ALL channels WILL have been removed. This is not by...
by ROBOT_UNIC0RN at 3:53 PM
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That's right folks. One of the biggest coupons we have ever done! This year has been amazing and unforgettable. We are destined for many more years of greatness here at bap, and we are celebrating with a huge coupon. Either tonight or tomoorrow, I will also be adding a cool thing to the store, so be on the lookout for that. Thanks everyone for making bap as special as it is! Happy 1st Birthday Bap!

by Snipper at 12:13 PM
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Hello everyone! To kick off the In-Game Anniversary Events, we will he doing a Team KitPVP Tournament. This tournament will consist of 16 teams of 3. We may increase the amount of teams if needed but for now will stick with 16. Each team will have a team leader, and a team name. All games will be the best of three, except for the 1st/2nd and 3rd place games. Those will be the best of five. It will be quite similar to the past Tournaments except players will be allowed to have a full inventory of soup. The default PVP Kit will be used for everyone.

When: Saturday, February 14th at 1pm PST / 4pm EST / 9pm GMT
Where: /server kitpvp or /kitpvp

If you have a team ready, please go to: (SIGN UP LINK)

We will be having signups via google form for organization, and so it is easier on us. In the form you will be required to fill in the Team Name (Please keep it...
by Snipper at 5:28 PM
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My fellow BapCraft is time again! Skyblock 3.0 has arrived and we have quite a few new features! Wow! Two resets in one day!?! That's right! The previous Skyblock came out around September so it's been about 5 months and it seems that quite a few players are excited for the reset which is great.

- A brand new spawn built by @Etaishvetz

- A new Skyblock plugin that brings so much more including new challenges, and new commands such as /island makeleader which was a highly suggested command for those who wanted to give leadership to a different player. For challenges, there are new challenges and we will be adding more soon :) You can check out the challenges with /challenges (Which will bring up a GUI) while standing on your island. We will be adding more challenges very soon! You can check out a full list of Skyblock commands by doing /island help

- Made some adjustments to the shop to balance out...​