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by Robot_Unic0rn at 2:33 PM
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Purchase to get these perks at
These are the ranks we offer at



Battle Royale:


[​IMG](click the picture to enlarge)


[​IMG](click the picture to enlarge)

[COLOR=rgb(0, 89,...
by Whiteboy7thst at 11:01 AM
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With the new items in Battle Royale, and infected being added this week I figured I would try to get some Top 5 Play submissions from the Bapcraft online gaming community.

To enter simply upload an awesome gameplay moment to Youtube on one of the many PVP gametypes, post the video URL here. BAP! Thats it!

A prize will be rewarded for the #1 play!

-Supreme Overlord
by Robot_Unic0rn at 4:07 PM
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Hello peoples! These are the new items in Battle Royale Chests!
-Red leather super fire resistant set of armour called "Fire Suit"
-Iron chestplate slightly fire resistant
-Iron boots with feather falling
-Iron leggings with thorns enchant (slightly damages someone who attacks someone wearing the armour)
-Fire Axe (stone axe with fire aspect II on it)
-Hard Hat (iron helm with blast protection)
-The Dixon bow to reg chests with a 2% chance

-Grenade with a 8% chance

We are also in the middle of a new map for Br which will be "Africa". It will be cool and more info will be out on that as we approach releasing.
We are adding new things everyday and we have all been very busy working on future stuff we haven't even announced and I'd like to thank you guys for playing on BapCraft!
There are even more...
by Bart at 2:17 PM
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SkyBlock has been reset! You will find that your islands, money, McMMO and levels will be cleared so that we are able to introduce a few new cool features into SkyBlock that I think you will love.

- Kick/ban now works
- New set of 50 challenges each with their own rewards
- Everything should be a lot faster
- Gives a chance for everyone to reach the top
- Added new plugins, such as auctioning, new skyblock plugin
- New shop / Economy
- And much more...

You can redeem your rank money/xp by doing /coupon <rank name> on SkyBlock. e.g. /coupon goat, /coupon god, etc.

Thanks to @Blazing_lights and @Sniperkid720 for getting this organised for us.


(wow, two updates in one day?)
by Bart at 7:45 AM
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Hey guys,

Today we pushed out the new hub world live onto lobby1 & lobby2. Enjoy!

by Zoads at 3:44 PM
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Hey everyone :)

Just a bit of a PSA on the forums, as you will see, under posts and threads there is a report button Moderators now have access to view and deal with these reports and also 'spam clean' accounts so if you see something that you dont think belongs on here or spam then hit the report button and it will come up so us moderators can deal with it and take further action if necessary.

Heres an example of how to make a report:

Click the report button

Enter the reason for your report
Then click 'Report Post' and it will be submitted to the moderators

- Zoads :D
by Bart at 4:18 AM
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Hey guys,

On Sunday night, @Whiteboy7thst played a couple of games of BapCraft's new custom gamemode - Infected. We are hoping to release it fully by this Sunday but for us to do that we need your help. (Please bare in mind Sunday is just a guesstimate - school starts tomorrow for me so I will have much less time to work on it)

The most useful things that you can do for us right now are answering some of these questions:
- What did you think of Infected? Was it enjoyable?
- What improvements can be made to the non-infected?
- What improvements can be made to the infected?
- What general improvements can be made?

Our current list includes the following
- Adding items to the shop in Infected - any ideas?

Added already:
- Compass to track players
- Scoreboard of people left in the game
- Fixed proxy log issues

by TroyMyHardest at 1:15 AM
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Here at BapCraft, we continue to try to give our players a better gaming experience. In recent days we have been working hard to update all of our game files to be more compliant, and current. Tonight (Thursday July 24th) we closed some lobbies to perform some critical maintenance issues, and ran into some unforeseeable errors while updating the player data. Mojang updated the way the servers work and it made updating the players data, from our data, impossible. Due to these errors, we have been forced to wipe clean, only the inventory and ender chests of all players across all servers. This was an arduous process that was debated in length and agony but inevitably, we had to get the servers back up.

We will be giving players access to a one time free package on buycraft to repay them for lost items (Information is below). We have weighed these items to be overly beneficial, and feel as though this was the only chance to keep the servers intact without resets. If you...
by TroyMyHardest at 3:07 PM
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We are very pleased to announce our newest members of the BapCraft staff team.
Please congratulate the new helpers!

1. DudeofWisdome234 - I'm Ryan, 15, who enjoys playing basketball and dressing up like a woman on the Las Vegas Strip.

2. Dial4YounGBu77 - I'm 25 and I like all the stereotypical Canadian things, well mostly hockey and beer.

3. Kunjachan - I'm 17 and I like all the stereotypical American things, mainly food and the beach.

4. JottyT - My names James, 14 from the UK, I play Hockey (Field Hockey) and listen to One Direction.

5. AAvenX – I’m 14 and I enjoy squashing hackers and playing kitpvp.

6. Gxxg - I'm a 17 year old bilingual internet baller who enjoys wearing sunglasses indoors, playing Baseball, and twerking online.

7. OMFG_wtf_TOAST - I'm a 25 year old entrepreneur from Barbados living in the UK, I enjoy surfing and crazy Christmas parties.

8. Drumcats – I’m 18 and I like food and cats.

by Blazing_lights at 7:32 PM
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Welcome to the BapCraft Towny Guide! If you are unfamiliar with Towny, it is similar to Factions except uses 'towns' in place of factions.

This guide will go over some of the basics of Towny commands, general information for towny, and Donator perks. The main Towny command is just /towny - This gives you a list of all the other Towny commands.

What is Towny?

Towns are the most basic part of Towny, allowing people to gather and work together as a group.
  • A town is a collection of residents with one of them as the mayor.
  • A town also has a bank which the mayor can withdraw from.
  • A mayor can also have assistants who have the same powers as him/herself.
  • Towns can have...